About ArohArt

Arohart Authentic Māori Art Gallery gives you an authentic Māori experience, guaranteeing that everything you see and touch is Māori made and the genuine article.

Arohart was set up by Aroha Hathaway and Tikirau Hathaway BCE. This mum and son duo have dedicated most of their lives to the pursuit of indigenous knowledge and wellbeing.

The gallery is for local Hauraki artists who can whakapapa back to the area as well as friends and whānau. It offers locals and visitors an authentic choice.

Arohart also hosts workshops for those wanting to know more about te reo Māori me ōna tikanga, art and craft, Te Tīriti, funding and health and wellbeing. What was once a mission to put authenticity into the spotlight, has now become a kaupapa driven hub for all things Māori. 

Aroha Hathaway is of Tūhoe, Ngāti Kahungunu and Ngā Puhi heritage, but was born in Thames where she’s set up the whānau homestead. She’s graced New Zealand’s airwaves and screens for 30 years and contributes to her industry and community at all levels. An artist, performing artist, radio executive board member and Māori celebrator, Aroha has always been an advocate for education, Māori and wellbeing.

Tikirau Hathaway BCE is Tūhoe, Ngā Puhi and a te reo Māori first language speaker. He’s an accomplished actor and film and television contributor who moved into graphic design and Māori design consultancy.

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