create ArohArt

After traipsing around the Coromandel Peninsula looking for Māori art, the owners of ArohArt had a terrifying realisation: all the work they were being shown had Māori design elements… but not a one had been created by a Māori artist.

There was also a lack of merchandise celebrating Thames and the Hauraki area and community.

So ArohArt was created.

ArohArt has become an arthub of beautifully crafted Māori works made only by true local artists.  Paintings, photography, sculptures, carved pieces, colouring books, games and apparel, the range is eclectic, beautifully crafted and genuinely local.

You’ll also find t-shirts and hats, tea towels and mementos, showing off the area, all designed and created by the owners, mother and son duo Aroha and Tikirau Hathaway.

ArohArt is more than an art shop: it is a heartbeat that keeps its local artistic community alive and celebrates what it means to be from one of the most beautiful places in Aotearoa.

Aroha Hathaway is of Tūhoe and Ngā Puhi heritage, but was born in Thames at the local hospital and Thames has been her home for most of her life.