HineKURA – Four40s


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These little beauties are available for a limited time only.
Four pairs of  40mm minis in four different metallic colours (colours will vary).
They will make the ideal Christmas present.


All of our HineKURA range are made with recycled bike inner tubes mostly from local bike shop Jolly Bikes.  All of them are hand made in Hauraki!

And don’t forget, we look after our HineKURA for life! If you ever need them repaired etc, just send them to the gallery with a stamped self-addressed envelope and we will take care of them for you.

Aroha Hathaway fmade her first proper pair of HineKURA many years ago when she couldn’t do IronMāori anymore after being diagnosed with polymyalgia.  She took all of her old innertubes to the bike shop so they could be recycled.  The bike shop said, “That’s not a thing.”

So, she embarked on a new mission – to repurpose the waste she had unwittingly contributed to for many years.  The idea of repurposing innertubes is not a new one, and Aroha had seen similar things when she lived in Brazil in the 90s, more than 25 years ago.

The first pairs she made around 7 years ago were ugly!  And she had a full time job and a teenage son… which meant she couldn’t devote much time to the mission.

A few years on and she has left that old full time job and now owns the ArohArt Authentic Māori Art Gallery in Thames.  She has had many versions of these earrings in the gallery, all made by different people, some even from ex-pat kiwis overseas.  Now that she has more time to create, she has started refining her own offerings and the HineKURA range was born!

* Most of our coloured earrings are only coloured on ONE side because customers wanted people to see that they were made of up-cycled bike inner-tubes.

The coloured earrings use a special paint that’s good for rubber, but they will weather over time.  

We recommend not swimming or sleeping with them on.