Raranga Mai | Weave Free! Wānanga Programme

Rāmere | Day 1

11:30 Pōwhiri – please meet in the carpark. Aroha will be there to give you a reminder around protocols etc.

12noon Poupoutanga o te rā | Lunchtime

13:00 Raranga Mai | Weave Free! lessons begin

15:00 Kapu tī | Afternoon Tea

15:30 Haere tonu | Lessons continue

17:15 Whakatau (for after work attendees)

17:45 Tohatoha kai | Shared kai for dinner

18:30 haere tonu | Lessons continue

20:30 kapu tī | Cuppa and bikkies

21:00 Whakangahau

22:00 Wā moe

Rāhoroi | Day 2

07:00 Parakuihi | Breaky

07:30 Whakapai whare | clean up

08:00 Poroporoaki | Farewell

08:30 Ka mutu | Wānanga ends

What do I need to bring?

  • Bedding (sleeping bag or other; pillow and pillowcase; sheets)
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Food for shared dinner Friday night
  • Food for breakfast
  • Any medications you might need
  • Any special food you require for your personal dietary requirements* Bikkies and tea and coffee for breaks will be supplied

I’ve never been on a marae before. What if I make mistakes?
Aroha will give everyone full debrief on what to expect during the pōwhiri/pōhiri. And you can ask questions anytime! This is a chance to learn about Hauraki tikanga and ngā kawa o te marae – marae rules.

How much does it cost?
This Wānanga is free! But we will be putting down a ‘koha’ during the pōwhiri/pōhiri, so please feel free to contribute anything you can to the envelope.

Do I need to be able to speak Māori?
No way! These classes are for all and everyone. There will be some Māori spoken and you will learn along the way.

Do I need to know how to weave?
You will have a base from the classes and that will be built upon here. But even if you have never done anything before, you are absolutely welcome! There will be a place for everyone, regardless of their level.

Email Any Questions | Whakapā Mai!


We’re so grateful you’ve all decided to come along and learn with us. Thank you for supporting our Māori revitalisation programmes. We can’t wait to spend some time getting to know you all and sharing what we can, as well as sharing the awesome collective knowledge of some of our Hauraki whānau.

“Ma tou rourou, ma toku rourou ka ora ai te iwi.”
“With your contribution and our contribution we will make progress.”

– Aroha and Tikirau Hathaway