Tikirau Hathaway

Tikirau Hathaway

Tikirau is a proud Kura Kaupapa Māori graduate and has been educated in total immersion Te Reo Māori institutions from the age of one.

He started his working life early as a camera assist in television. He then moved on to take a lead role in film as an actor in the most awesome movie Kiwi Flyer. He was just 14.

Tiki has featured on tv shows like Swagger and Miharo as a presenter and also worked as a camera operator for Cinco Cine‘s flagship production Pūkana.

But his true love has always been graphic design, and once school was done and dusted he took his graphics love to the tertiary level. He’s currently in his third year of his degree.

He’s the head and boss of everything for his own label ToiTiki. He has worked as a junior motion graphics artist at Mediaworks, with sustainable New Zealand brand Allbirds, and is now part of the Taamaki based graphic design firm HAUMI.